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The emergence of Artificial intelligence (AI) as a key component toward improving existing process has made it a valuable tool. Currently, almost every organisation is embarking on AI wave to adopt position themselves as the leaders in the “Industry 4.0”. ROBOSURE is a company that aspire to become a major player in the field of Artificial Intelligence in Mauritius in the years to come.

ROBOSURE entertain the idea of creating an AI academy of excellence is devoted to the development of young talents in machine learning and data science. These skilled people will work with both the public and private sector to tackle socio economic problems by applying artificial intelligence. We divert from traditional courses that are theoretical in nature and does not address the current lack of skillset.

Data Science

Are you interested to become a lead AI engineer or a data scientist? Problem solving skills require lots of critical skills. The basket of a data scientist carries not only valuable knowledge and tools but also the idea to think out of the box. Most real-world problems are unique in nature and most of the time requires insights and instincts of the data scientist. This comes after years of practice and dedication.


These reports bring us a research method involving an up-close, in-depth, and detailed examination of a subject of study, as well as its related contextual conditions.

The Story

ROBOSURE is born out of the vision and passion of its founders to address the current lack of skills in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Data science. Africa is gradually positioning itself to imprint its desire to become a global leading centre of excellence in Artificial intelligence. In this context, we aspire to make Mauritius as technological hub capable of rivalling with the giants of AI. We forecast that over the next ten years data science will become a valuable skills mandatory to become more competitive.

Our Mission

To create, develop and empower people in become the next AI visionaries. To develop an Ai academy of excellence thereby attracting, nurturing and developing the right skill sets in AI and Data sciences.

Why us?

  • We are the unique provider of Data Science and Artificial intelligence course in Mauritius.
  • World class instructors assembled to deliver content based on industry demand.
  • Internship- ready for top students in industry.
  • Work integrated learning – Capstone based on real world simulated projects.
  • Leading keynote speaker from the Industry sharing their experience.
  • Partnership with the leading organisation in the industry sector in Mauritius
  • Bootcamps for intensive training on Data science.

Our Value Proposition

“We aim to provide world class AI consulting services by providing end-to-end digital transformation solutions for our clients. Our approach is to provide our clients with a competitive edge in an increasingly fierce market by clarifying their AI strategy, evaluating the landscape in which they operate and delivering world class AI strategy and data science solutions that drive visible business value.”

AI Strategy

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